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Example banquet menu

Soft cheese sticks, salted peanuts, pistachios,
potato chips, nachos with spicy salsa,
vegetable crudités
(Strips of carrot, petiole, cucumber salad with herb dip)

Cold canapés
Rings with ham and dried plums
With cream cheese sprinkled with fresh chives
Smoked a bit of a pickle
With meat, fish and capers

Smoked beef tongue Chucena apple horseradish
Cocktail tomatoes with peppers and ham mousse
Cucumber tranche cheese mixture and garnished with nuts
Vegetable and Spinach mini rolls
English roast beef rolls with whipped cream cheese and herbs
Fragile pasties stuffed with duck meat and vegetables

Arranged cold dishes and meat specialties
Pork fillet stuffed with egg and green peas
Folded smoked ham
Fine venison pate with almonds and cranberries
Prosciutto de Parma served with honeydew melon

Fish Buffet
Tartlets with crab meat and shrimp Greenland
Smoked fillet of rainbow trout with dill dip
Grilled salmon marinated in citrus and dill
Tartare of yellowfin tuna with lime and crispy toasts

Hot Buffet
Grilled medallions of salmon with herb sauce
Romanovsky Lamb meat with sage
Tender turkey roulade with a mosaic of liver and vegetables
Ham sliced in front of guests served with mustard, horseradish and pickled peppers

Creamy Potato Gratin
Potato gnocchi with parsley
Steamed jasmine rice
Steamed vegetables with "country" way

Salad Buffet
Iceberg lettuce with grilled chicken breast and parmesan cheese
Cucumber and radish salad with Greenland prawns
Greek salad with black olives
Fresh cut vegetables

Provencal herbs, Dijon mustard, garlic, French

Cheese Buffet
Variations of traditional Czech, Moravian cheese and cheese from the Alpine foothills,
appropriately supplemented fresh domestic and exotic fruits and nuts

Banquet pastry in several species
Bread, light, dark and whole wheat

Sweet Buffet
Custard dessert with a surprise
Selection of mini desserts and cakes

Variety of fresh sliced fruit and whatnot to arangere
Menu price per person from 580, - CZK without VAT
For example, the banquet menu

Welcome drink:
Kir Bohemia
With roquefort mousse and grape wine
With fine venison pate and cranberries
With smoked salmon and capers
The spicy sausage and pickle

Puff pastry pasties filled
smoked halibut and lemon jelly

Seafood Ragout
served on a vegetable bed
Veal sweetbreads with a mosaic of walnuts and prunes

Romanov lamb roasted with juniper,
braised chestnuts with cream
Endive salad spicy two colors
Veal medallions with sun-dried tomatoes,
Potato croquettes with cheese

Cheese plateau Tradicion "

Banana sorbet with berries,
almond cakes

Espresso, cream

White Wines:
GROWING Michlovský Mikulov wine region
Chardonnay, late harvest 2005, the municipality Perná, track Věstonsko
Riesling, Late Harvest 2005 Perná community, track Purmice

Red Wines:
GROWING Michlovský wine region Velkopavlovická
Lemberger, late harvest 2005, oak aged, unfiltered, community Rakvice, track Trkmansko
Merlot, late harvest barrique 2005 Rakvice community, track Trkmansko

Pilsner Urquell, Radegast nonalcoholic beer Birell

Soft drinks:
Selection of fruit juices, Pepsi Cola, Mirinda, Mattoni sparkling, still water Aquila

Menu price per person from 1.590, - CZK without VAT